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📞  410-546-0003

Weapon Retention/Retrieval 

Conducted by a Multi-Discipline Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.

You, the firearms owner, are responsible for your weapon in every situation. This class is designed to teach you how to effectively control situations where someone is trying to or has taken your weapon away from you.

This is an essential class for CCW license holders out in the environment and also very valuable if confronted in your home. You don’t need to be a great athlete to gain the essentials needed when you are in a fight for your own weapon. The instructors have conducted this course both locally and nationally.

Duration: 3 Hours

Course Cost: $50.00

Course Goal: To provide shooters an introduction to the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to safely and effective carry their firearm even in dangerous situations where someone may be attempting a disarm.

Why Take This Class:

  • Essential for CCW License Holders: Vital skills for carrying concealed in various environments.
  • Valuable for Home Defense: Learn how to react if confronted in your own home.
  • Accessible to Everyone: No need for exceptional athleticism; gain essential skills for weapon retention.
  • Expert Instructors: Course instructors have conducted classes both locally and nationally.


Course Prerequisites: NONE

Course Subject Matter: Basics of weapon retention and retrieval

Gear to bring to course: Loose clothing and tennis shoes.

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