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The World Is Full Of Threats

Learn How To Respond

What is CTR?

What Is CTR?

Civilian Threat Response (CTR) is a new program designed to provide the average citizen with skills, tactics, and training to handle various real-life encounters.

In today’s world, being prepared for potential threats is crucial. The CTR Class is designed to empower individuals like you with a comprehensive set of self-defense skills that cover a range of scenarios. Our expert instructors bring years of experience in law enforcement, military, and martial arts, ensuring that you receive top-notch training that can make all the difference.

What Is CTR?

tim shooting

You will be introduced to advanced defensive shooting.


Harness a deep understanding of advanced defensive shooting tactics. Our certified instructors will empower you with the skills and confidence to use firearms judiciously and effectively in high-stress situations.

We will also work on other defense tools;

 like the stick and knife. Learn the strategic use of everyday objects as tools for self-defense. Develop the skills to effectively handle sticks and knives in a controlled environment

knife fighting
Empty hand fighting as a part of our CTR training.

We will work on improving your skillset for situations where your gun is not available;

 with proven techniques that leverage your body’s natural strengths, in our Hand-to-hand, close-quarters combat section.

This course will also touch on Ground Work. 

Understand how to defend yourself when the confrontation goes to the ground. Discover techniques to create opportunities to escape dangerous situations.

Ground work as part of our CTR training,

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Civilian Threat Response (CTR) 9/28/24


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