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Countering The Mass Shooter

In Countering the Mass Shooter Threat you’ll pour over data collected from 48 mass shootings, finding similarities along the way which will lead you to a conclusion that answers the question – what can be done to counter this threat? Once you’ve learned all you can from these historical events you’ll begin to understand the importance of developing an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), and the systematic forethought that goes into mass casualty preparation.


Learn the Best Ways to Respond
in the Worst Case Scenario


Also known as “Active Shooter: How to Respond,” Run, Hide, Fight is a program developed by the Department of Homeland Security that was initially released to address how victim tactics should change in the face of a mass shooting.


  • How to identify a Public threat

  • The risk factors that contribute to someone becoming a mass shooter

  • Direct indicators

  • Warning signs gathered from prior incidents.

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